Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Missionaries Arrive in Yellowknife!

We have had a very busy month in March.  Will post some of our activities and catch up on that later.

 Wanted to let you know that we have two Elders here now.  They got here last Friday, March 29th.  We were very busy the week before they got here getting things together for their apartment.  There is some furniture in the storage room here (remember Bro. & Sister Hall that moved in December gave us sofa, microwave, dining table etc.)  Plus we had boxes of odds and ends that people have donated to the missionary apartment.   We had to sort through all of that. We had just about everything we needed.  All we had to buy was a skillet, mattress pads and a toilet brush!  We got an expensive Teflon skillet on sale at 70% off at a store called Canadian Tire.  Yep, I was surprised too.  That store sells tires and just about everything else too.  We visited there a lot when we first got here and Elder Garrett was doing all of his repairs.

We have been busy this week with them.  We've fed them a few times too!  They actually have had three other dinner appointments this week.  I thought that was pretty good since half of the branch was on vacation last Sunday because it was Spring break.  We had them for Easter Sunday and a family that has one little girl.
There was a visitor here from California on a business trip so we invited him too.  (Forgot to take a picture of the whole group.)  He stayed until about 9:00 visiting with us.  (I think he missed his family!)  He has four little kids and his wife is expecting.

Elder Taylor is from Houston, Texas and Elder Dutson is from Payson, Utah. We spent some time with them setting up some goals of what we want to get accomplished here.  We worked up an introductory letter for them and put on there about General Conference this weekend.  They jumped right in and have visited almost everyone in the branch with the help of Elder Garrett.  They were excited to come to Yellowknife.  When we were in the mission office we were told that all the missionaries would like to be the ones to go to Yellowknife!!  So they have ended up being the "Frozen Chosen" because it has gotten really cold here again.  The wind chill factor was -37 yesterday.  We saw a post on face book that said "What a lovely winter we're having this spring."  That definitely applies to Yellowknife.  We had to get the "big coats" out again! That wind will really get you!

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