Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Around Town

The oldest area in Yellowknife is called Old Town.

Some buildings in old town.

People here are very artistic.  Also they don't throw anything away.  Notice this old boat used as a flower bed.  There is a green one and a yellow one next to it.  I'm sure in the summer they were full of flowers.  Notice all the old things hung on the barn and also on the house in the background.

This is the first bank building in Yellowknife.  If you look closely, I think the date is 1839.

Elder Garrett particularly liked the head board made into art.

This town is so artistic they even paint their dumpsters!

This wooden shake shingles on the front of this house is trimmed on the ends of the pieces to make this design.

Apartment building in Old Town

Trailer neighborhood.

You can't tell from the picture but the logs are huge.  Elder Garrett liked this one, he likes log houses.

Some of these bigger homes that we took pictures of we found out are on Indian property.

These trailer homes are not what you see back home.  The walls are 1/3 thicker than ours and they are solidly insulated.  They are constructed way better than anything we see there.

Elder Garrett liked this house.

Lots of different architecture here.

Trailer home.

Restaurant. There are lots of very colorful homes, apartment buildings and stores here.

Apartment Building

Art Gallery

This one is for the Garrett boys.  Dad thought you would appreciate it!!!!

Nice colorful home.

Notice the dog out front.  You see dogs everywhere you go here.  Someone told us that at least 70% of the people here have dogs.  The Relief Society president invited us for dinner last night but she has a dog.  So we told her we could not come there.  So she brought Lasagne and I made a salad, we borrowed the table from the Relief Society room, and they came here.  They have two children, 11 and 14 and they have a single girl living with them.  We had a great time visiting!  We decided we will have to be careful about visits we make.  (In case any of you reading  this blog are wondering, I am extremely allergic to dogs.)

They actually have dog sledding here in the winter.  I don't think we will join them.

Lots of art galleries here.

Elder Garrett liked this one with the bear in front and all the decorations.

This road will be open when the lakes freeze over.  When I watched the show "Ice Truckers" I thought they just ahead across the frozen lake.  They actually build ice roads.

This is another interesting building close to us.

This is the green building a pointed out across the lake.  It is on the corner of the street we live on.

For all those people as old as we are, do you remember the A & W Root Beer drive in.  Ours had a great big frosty mug on top that went round and round.  These are all over Canada.  I didn't know this information but Elder Garrett informed me that they were started by the Marriot's.  Apparently the founders were Alice and Willard Marriott.  Don't know why they are not in the states anymore.  I guess they went on to bigger and better things!!

Here's another one for us old folks.  These were everywhere when we were growing up but I think they turned into EXXON.  But these are all over Canada.

Probably the smallest Wal-Mart I have ever seen.  It is about like a Dollar General or a Fred's that we have at home.  There is no grocery in it.  The people here said it has been here for about eighteen years and they are surprised they haven't expanded.

Elder Garrett liked this interesting house with the greenhouse attached.

Another interesting building downtown.

Another colorful house in Old Town.

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