Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Welcome to Yellowknife

The first Sunday afternoon we were a Sister in the branch invited us to dinner.  She came and picked us up and showed us around Yellowknife.  This is the sign as we were coming into Yellowknife.

This is the view of the city as you are coming into Yellowknife.  Yellowknife is surrounded by lakes.  We took pictures of a few.

Lake in Yellowknife

Lake view.

Interesting tag for Northwest Territories.


Yellowknife is hilly and rocky.

More rocky terrain.

Another lake view.

There is one really high rock with a tower on top that you could see from several different places.  Of course Elder Garrett was curious until we found it.  He climbed to top and took several pictures.

This is down the hill from the rock plaque.

View from the rock.

View from the rock.

View from the rock including downtown.  We live downtown on the same street as the green building you see.

View from the rock.

In this one you can see house boats on the water.  People used to build their houses on the water to avoid paying taxes.  We heard that law is about to change.

View from the rock.

This is the stairway leading up to the rock.

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