Monday, May 13, 2013

Mondays With The Missionaries

We spend most of  the day Monday with our new missionaries.  They come to our apartment to wash their clothes.  If they went to the laundromat it would cost about $50.00 a month just to wash their clothes.  The first week they went to the library to do their emails and there were only eight computers and they had to get in line to be able to use one.  They are only allowed an hour and the people on either side of them were watching porn.  So Pres. Campbell gave them permission to get on the computer here.  One of them uses ours and the other one uses the one in the clerks office.  So since they are coming first thing I told them I would cook breakfast for them.  So each Monday we have a nice breakfast.  The second week they were here they both decided they needed a hair cut.  So we got out our haircutting supplies and gave them a hair cut!  I cut Elder Taylor's and Elder Garrett cut Elder Dutson's.  We Love Our Missionaries!!!

As soon as the missionaries get their laundry going, they study!  What good missionaries!

Elder Taylor getting a hair cut.

Elder Dutson getting a hair cut.

We enjoy our breakfast while the laundry is getting done!

Elder Dutson and Elder Taylor with fresh new haircuts!  Elder garrett dropped the clippers and broke the attachment for the top of Elder Dutson's hair so it was shorter than he wanted.  He said he didn't care.  But we rounded up a new one for next time!!

Elder Dutson is our District Leader.  We have the district meeting every Wednesday morning.  He is an awesome teacher!  We are learning all about missionary work!!  Afterwards they have lunch with us.  That is awesome too!!!!  I am really impressed with the branch because they are getting four or five dinner meals each week.


  1. I am so happy that you have missionaries now! It makes a world of difference having help with the work. We pray for you always and are so thankful for the example the two of you are setting for all of us! Love you so much.
    Holly and David

  2. That the life of being a missionaries but it was so fun and so challenging particularly at Gods words.

    Thanks and God Bless!

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