Thursday, May 23, 2013


We have had a few visitors this past week.  Sister Madeline Heffel and her husband were here in December.  They live in Norman Wells which is a town here in the Northwest Territories.  Her husband was in the hospital here.  Yellowknife is the biggest town and so people are flown here for medical problems.  Her husband ran the airport in Norman Wells.  She called us while they were here.  She is a member of the church but her husband is not.  The day she called we were having the branch Christmas dinner.  So we went to pick her up and she came to the dinner.  We picked her up for church a couple of times while they were here and took them to the airport when they were ready to go home.  She was in town this time for some court proceedings for three days.  She was staying in a hotel close to the courthouse.  So we picked her up each evening to visit and have dinner.  Her husband is still having some health issues and has not returned to work yet.  Just another advantage of being a member of the Lord's amazing church!  You have friends to help you wherever you go!!  We enjoyed her visit.

Sister Madeline Heffel and Elder Garrett
 Brother Lambert works for the church and is over the building here.  The building needs lots of repairs so he flew in from Edmonton to see what all needed to be done.  Elder Garrett spent all day last Tuesday with him and he had dinner with us.  He finished up Wednesday morning and had lunch with us and the missionaries before heading back to Edmonton.  We had an enjoyable visit with him. Elder Dutson was serving in his ward in Edmonton and got to know him.  He took the missionaries out to lunch on Tuesday.  I forgot to take pictures even though I had plenty of opportunities!!

We met Bishop Coombs when we were in Edmonton for Stake Conference in March.  He is an attorney and comes here a couple of times a year on business.  He said he would call us when he comes up here.  He surprised us on Thursday morning.  He was actually going to Hay River, a little town about five hours from here and had a lay over here.  He took us out to lunch and we showed him around Yellowknife.  The funny thing about meeting them was they had a baby four months old.  She told me they had five other children.  Come to find out they did basically the same thing we did.  They had five children and then seven years later they had the baby.  Her oldest was eighteen, the same as ours.  We thought that was pretty funny.  Bishop Coombs is also the head of the bishops welfare counsel so Elder Garrett will be interacting with him some.  Such fun to meet such wonderful members of the church!

Lunch with Bishop Coombs at a little Bed & Breakfast in Yellowknife

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