Friday, June 14, 2013

Our Elders

Elder Garrett and the missionaries are always doing a lot of service.  They always come in hungry!

Fellowshipping after dinner with the missionaries and Nadja Viado.  Nadja is from the Philippines and is a nanny here.  She is a very sweet girl. 

The missionaries have dinner with us on Sunday nights.  Elder Dutson and Sister Garrett ready to eat.  Elder Dutson looks like our nephew, Spencer Crunk.  We are really enjoying the missionaries.  They are two hard working Elders!!  They are learning some southern ways!

Elder Taylor and Sophie playing "what time is it Mr. Wolf."  What a good sport he is!

This is the missionaries with Sophie Greenwood.  Her dad is the YM president and her mother is the counselor in YW.  We babysit for her on Wednesday nights when they have activities.  We usually have refreshments with the youth afterward.  Elder Taylor is a great babysitter.  When he is here he entertains Sophie!  Sophie loves Elder Taylor!!!

We get to inspect the missionaries apartment once a month since we are so far away from the mission president!  Elder Taylor and Elder Dutson are neat and tidy.  They have things set up pretty good with each having their own space.

Elder Dutson's side.

Elder Taylor's side.  The church put up new signs in the building so Elder Taylor adopted the old one.

Elder Dutson is displaying his Christmas gift of a custom blanket with the picture of his dog at home.  We don't have a pianist in the branch so Elder Taylor brought the keyboard from the church to brush up on his music some so he can play for Sacrament meeting.

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  1. We survived China and are enjoying the sunny South USA, where you can drink the water, eat the food and breathe the air. WE couldn't do any of those things in China. Best Christmas wishes to you, stay warm and we will see you.
    Rich and Suzanne Mullins