Thursday, January 3, 2013

Celebrating the New Year in Yellowknife

We decided that we would have a branch New Years Eve Party.  We only have seven teenagers  so decided to have the party for the whole branch. 
We planned to do the shopping on Saturday for the party.  Bro. Bellis had a slight heart attack and Elder Garrett spent most of Saturday at the hospital.  So Monday morning first thing we headed to Walmart.  Only 3 boxes of party favors left, we took two.  Only 2 big bags of balloons left, we took one.  We made a piñata and blew up lots of balloons.  Sis Milnes (RS president) and her two kid helped us decorate. 
Apparently Elder Garrett and I can make a pretty strong piñata.  After everyone having several turns it was not budging.  I had made piñata s before with starch but couldn't find that anywhere up here so decided to use glue!  Bad idea!  I looked it up on the internet later and found out that you can make a simple paste with water and flour!  Should have looked it up first!!  We had fun though!  Finally one of the men it several, several times and busted it.
Even the teenage guys couldn't bust this.  We even had them try several times without the blindfold!  It was a good disco ball though!!
Everyone was pleased with the results of the disco ball!!!
We shared lots of good snacks and nibbled all evening long!!
This is Sophie, the youngest participant at the party.  She kept the party going by passing the hats and horns around.  We played Chutes and Ladders with her.  She won a cake in the musical cake walk game.
We played balloon badminton.  We also had a contest to see how many times you could bounce your balloon on your stick held paper plate.  The winner bounced it 146 times!!!
We played lots of games.  One game was pining a famous person on your back and you had to guess it.  Each person wrote a New Years resolution or goal down and we guessed who wrote them.  We played musical chairs cakewalk.  Sis. Milnes had made 3 cakes.  The young people really enjoyed this.  We also played some card games.  The night went by quickly.
Some people were getting a little tired as the night went on!!
Did a lot of visiting!!!
Getting ready for the countdown!!  Only ten seconds to go!



Popping all the balloons and clean-up.  Everyone helped with the clean up and we were done with everything in about ten minutes.  A fun time was had by all.  Even Sis. Greenwood, who is Sophie's mother said it was the best New Years Eve party she had ever been to!!  Thanks everyone!!!

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  1. You two are the best! I love how you are 100% in your service. Great things are going to happen in Yellowknife! We love you!