Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas in Yellowknife

Thought this Nativity was just perfect.

The Christmas decorations here are all very colorful.  These tree are along a city park and some office buildings.  All the trees are decorated with these colorful lights.  There are trees in the median on Main Street and they all have colorful lights in them.

This is an office building on Main Street.  It has colorful lights all around.

More fancy Christmas decorations.

Office building on Main Street.

Still cold in Yellowknife.  Yesterday we were out and it was -17 F.  It was really cold.  Today when we were out it was -2 F.  We were amazed at the difference.  We didn't feel nearly as cold even though it is still cold!!  Been cold for three months, only three more to go!!  We had about five inches of snow a couple of weeks ago at one time.  Elder Garrett cleaned off the back porch and steps.  Right after he finished it started snowing again.  I told him it was snowing again and he said "I don't even care!!"  Guess we're getting used to it!!!
This is Bro. & Sis. Bellis.  If you remember from previous post he is the Priesthood Leader here.  He has worked with Elder Garrett a lot and they are fast friends. Christmas Eve was their 43rd wedding anniversary.  They invited us over for lunch.  We had fish stew (a first for us), home made rolls and cherry cheese cake.  As you can imagine they eat a lot of fish up here.  We had a great time with them playing games after eating.  When we went home we found the movie "Charly" on the iPad and watched it.  It was really good!

Sister Garrett with Brother and Sister Bellis Christmas Eve.

We received lots of Christmas gifts.  These are just the edible ones!!!  I think we have enough snacks for a few months!  If you check that out, there are five boxes of chocolates!!  We both got a journal, Christmas ornaments, a souvenir plate and a souvenir thermometer. We received gift cards from the local grocery store totaling $250.00!  What a great gift for missionaries, we feel very blessed indeed!

We received this ornament for our Christmas tree.  Thought it was perfect!  I also got the book by Pres. Uchtdorf "Forget Me Not."

We spent Christmas morning face-timing with some of our kids and grandkids.  Then we fixed dinner for this couple that just moved here about three weeks ago.  This is David and Claudette Pruner.  He is an air traffic controller and he had to work until 3:00 so we had dinner at 5:00 and they stayed for a few hours just visiting.  They are from Edmonton and they even think it is really, really cold up here!

Elder Garrett with David and Claudette Pruner.

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