Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mr. Fix-It Has Been Busy

Elder Garrett has been busy just helping people with problems.  On four occasions he has had to go help someone who was having car problems.  Two of them have been at night and it is even colder at night!  I felt sorry for him when he had to put on all those layers of clothing and get out in the cold.    My job has been much easier!  He has helped someone fix their dog house, someone fix a window and various projects around the church building.  I found some projects in our pictures that we did a while back and I never did post that I thought were pretty interesting.

When we were fixing things and cleaning up the apartment I thought that I would shampoo these chairs.  Then I had a better idea.  We went to the store.

We bought these and a nice piece of upholstery fabric at Walmart for $10.00.  It was actually big enough to recover about six chairs so I thought that was an excellent price for up here

This is the finished project after covering these cushions and putting two new coats of stain on the chairs.  Looks like new!!!
We were cleaning the Relief Society closet out one day and this board was in there.  It was about three times wider than this and had all these hooks in it.  Apparently it had been used years ago with home made numbers on it for the hymns.  We were going to throw it out when Mr. Fix-it had another idea!  He would make himself a tie rack and put it on the back of the door to help the over crowed condition in the closet.  He sawed it off and put all the hooks in one row.
These are the over crowded conditions in our one closet
Now Mr. Fix-it has a place for all his ties and belts without having them jammed in the closet and falling all the time!!

Mr. Fix-it has another great idea.  When we were listening to something on the iPad sometimes we could hardly hear it.  So Mr. Fix-it would cup his hand around the back and you could hear it much better.  So he had this idea.  He cut a slit in the cup and we hook it around the speaker.  It really works!!!!

This is a commentary Mr. Fix-it wrote about his invention.  It is quite lengthy, if you don't have much time!

 Commentary continued.
This is Mr. Fix-it taking a picture in the mirror to show how his new invention works!!  Not that we are hard of hearing or anything like that!!!  He actually spent a little while on the foam cup getting the cut just right!


  1. This is a brilliant idea. We need to rig up something like this for Jeff. Well, actually, for Jeff to wear around his head - not his Ipad. I hope Apple contacts you - they should!
    Love ya,