Thursday, November 15, 2012

As some of you know Elder Garrett has been involved in the Addiction Recovery Program for several years now. It is a wonderful program the church has been doing for a few years.  Elder Garrett started one in the ward about seven or eight years ago before the church came out with the Manuel.  He got permission from our area social services to start the program and taught it for several years.  He is totally devoted to the program and believes it can help everyone.

Elder Garrett going to Addiction Meeting

He has started a class here in the branch and has two people attending.   Want to come and join the class with him? Last night we were talking about how amazing it is for us to be here and we never dreamed at our age that we would be able to be having such a fresh adventure!!!!  It is completely new and different!  We will be letting you know more about being up here in this part of the world!

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