Thursday, November 1, 2012

Snow. And more snow.

It was snowing when we arrived here October 12th.  It snowed about 5 inches and the next night it snowed another 2 inches.  That snow melted and we did not have any for a whole week!  Then, Sunday before last it started snowing again. And the temperature dropped below freezing.  It has continued for over a week.  They call it snow showers!!  We call it cold!!!  And this is just the beginning!!!  Soon this lake will be completely frozen over. 

They do not plough the snow here.  When it gets so deep that there a ruts in it, they will smooth it out some.  The streets are still pretty clear right now.

Elder Garrett cleaning snow off the porch.  He has been doing this every day now!!!  The temperature averages around 17 during the day.

Today is the first day in over a week that the sun has been shining and it is still snowing!!!!

This is the snow plowed off the grocery store parking lot the first weekend we were here.  It melted everywhere else.  I understand this will stay until around March!

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