Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Awesome Sacrament Meeting

Today  we had thirty people in Sacrament Meeting!!  (Seven children)  This is up from sixteen the first week we were here.  (Two children). The Edmonton North Stake had Youth Conference the second weekend we were here.  The church pays for flying the youth there since it is 1,300 miles away.  We had five of the youth go from Yellowknife Branch.  The Nestman family that just moved here that weekend had two teenagers to go.  The other three were grandchildren of the former branch president.  Any way, we had four of them speak in our Sacrament Meeting today.  They just didn't relay what happened in the conference, they all gave great talks!  Elder Garrett was prepared to take up any extra time but didn't even have to.  These were some of the best youth talks I have ever heard.  We were very impressed!

Christina and Emma Johnston and Jordan and Samantha Nestman

The Nestman family have a beautiful little ten year old with downs syndrome.  She got up to direct the music with Sis. Sutherland.  Sis. Sutherland just took her hand and directed the music with her!  It was just beautiful!  Amanda is very loving and loves on everyone in the family and will go up front and sit with her Dad sometime.  The Nestman's are a special family, so glad to have them here to help out!!
Sister Sutherland with Amanda Nestman

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