Thursday, November 1, 2012

Calgary Temple Dedication

 Another portion of an e-mail from mom dated October 29.

The Temple dedication was awesome.  It is absolutely beautiful.  Maybe we will stop and do a session on our way home.  They had three sessions and we got to see the first one.  So we got to see the sealing of the corner stone.  Pres. Monson spoke about it and said it is symbolic of Christ being the chief cornerstone of our religion.  He put the first mortar on and then had several others come up.  He had several children and a couple of teenagers come up.  There was a choir outside and they sang two hymns.

When they came back in Elder Ballard spoke.  He served as a mission president in Canada.  And also one of his grandfathers was a mission president at one time in part of the U.S. and Canada.  Pres. Monson also was a mission president in Canada and they both spoke of Canada fondly.  

Pres. Monson then spoke and offered the Dedicatory Prayer.  The choir did a great job too.  There were 16 from our branch there.  There are a few more that we would like to have been there so we will be working on that.


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