Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I guess the cold is effecting the brain!  We haven't taken our camera the last few times that we should have.  Elder Garrett is usually cold so he really gears up for the cold weather when we go somewhere (also he is the one who starts the car and cleans off all the snow!) I usually wear a warm sweater and my leather jacket and I am just fine.  But that changed last week!!  It is really, really cold and will get worse!  We have never felt so much cold!

We did have a wonderful Thanksgiving this past Saturday.  We went to the Nestman's house.  He is Elder Garrett's 1st counselor (also the only one right now) and the family that got here about the same time we did.  They are from South Jordan, Utah and a great blessing to us.  As I said, forgot to take the camera but had a wonderful time and wonderful dinner with them.  We had the turkey and dressings with all the trimmings.  We ate about 1:00 and spent the rest of the afternoon visiting and playing games.  Brother Nestman told Elder Garrett he was glad to be his wingman!  We enjoy working with them and spending time together.  Their thirteen year old daughter even told them it was fun to be with the Garrett's.  Now that is a compliment!

On Sunday evening we had a broadcast from the stake about the new youth program.  There were thirteen of us here for that.  Sounds like a pretty big change.  We are looking forward to implementing it here.  I made refreshments and we had an enjoyable time visiting afterwards.

A little visiting after the Sunday evening broadcast from the Edmonton North Stake Center
 Elder Garrett is still working hard on the in-actives and we even had two people that he called attend church this past Sunday.  We were excited about that.  We are enjoying this experience and are very grateful for this opportunity.  We enjoy Heavenly Father's blessings each day.

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