Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Stilll Cold and Snowing in Yellowknife

Car covered in snow almost every day.

Car cleaner.  Cleaning snow off the car almost every day.

Still snowing.  View out the back door.

We had a pretty busy weekend here in the Yellowknife branch and I forgot to take pictures again!   We had three visitors from the stake to fly up.  It was the stake clerk, Brad Moser, the financial clerk, David Minaker and the technical specialist, Andrew Buchanan.   We have been having huge computer problems.  The computer was way more than slow.  We have also been having problems with our satellite reception.  Elder Garrett has spent a great deal of time talking and emailing back and forth to these people because when you are a missionary your records stay in your ward or branch.  They would put him in as the branch president and think everything was o.k. and the next thing you know he would be off again.  The stake people were going back and forth with  SLC about the problem.  Finally someone from SLC called last Thursday morning and said everything was all worked out and the next time he got on the computer he was off again.  He couldn't enter tithing and he is also needing to get on because we have a missionary going out.  Plus the Stake Patriarch is coming in two weeks and he needs to enter those that are getting their blessings.    Anyway these guys came for training and after spending several hours with them on Saturday and Sunday Elder Garrett's head is spinning.  I fed them three meals and still forgot to take pictures!!!  We also got permission to change our fast Sunday to the second week and these brethren spoke in Sacrament meeting.  The stake people always speak when they come to give us a little change in this small branch.  We had a really good Sacrament Meeting.

We have had a couple for dinner this week that the husband is not active and another family that is a little less active.  Elder Garrett taught four Addiction Recovery classes this week.  So I have figured out my role is basically the same I have always had.  Keeping track of all the appointments and comings and goings and cooking the food!!  Good thing I love this role and have lots of experience!  Maybe I'll remember the camera next time.  I'm slacking in my role!!

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