Monday, December 17, 2012

Winter Wonderland

Last week we hit our first really, really, really cold weather.  It was -37 and the wind chill was -47.  We didn't get out that day, Elder Garrett had some appointments here.  Brother Nestman came by at noon and he looked almost frozen!  He had walked two blocks from his office.  We thought  everything was frozen already but found a whole different world.  Things just had snow on them before but now they are totally frozen!!  It is absolutely beautiful.  It really looks like a winter wonderland!  Elder Garrett took about a million pictures.  He took all of them from the building here. Some were taken from the windows upstairs and downstairs.  We'll share a few.
View out our back alley.

Church parking lot.

Building across the street.

View of church parking lot from upstairs.

Back alleyway.

Street in front of church.

Winter Wonderland

Frozen trees.

View across the street.

Frozen bushes.

We have been told that it really doesn't snow as much here as in other  parts of Canada. It is too cold up here to snow much. When we have visitors from Edmonton they tell us that there is much more snow there.  Their snow is much wetter there too.  It is so dry here that when it does snow you can usually just sweep it off your driveways or sidewalks.  I know it brushes easily off the car.  But I can tell you that it is really, really, cold!!!

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