Sunday, December 16, 2012

Dinner with Members

These people were less active.  The man in the middle is Daniel LaFond, the man on the left is his brother Pierre, and on the  right is his daughter Kelsey.  Elder Garrett called Daniel and Kelsey and they came to church the very next Sunday and Daniel has been here every Sunday since.  His brother had been working on Sundays but says he is off this Sunday and will attend church.  Kelsey came one Sunday and we are encouraging her to come back.  She is almost 20 years old and is engaged to be married this summer.  We hope to meet her boyfriend and get him interested in the church.  Daniel calls Elder Garrett almost every day and has a strong testimony.  Kelsey has her own place and she invited us for dinner but she has a dog so she made arrangements for us to have the dinner at her father's house.  Her boyfriend didn't come because he was sick.  We hope to have them come here for dinner so we can get to know her boyfriend (and of course give him the discussions)!   We had a great dinner and an enjoyable time getting to know them.

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