Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Party

We had our branch Christmas Party on Saturday night.  The Relief Society Presidency was in charge. That's basically me and the Relief Society President!  We had turkey and dressing and ham and lots of side dishes and way too many desserts!  Everything was delicious.  We were proud of our attendance,  we set up for 32 and we had 30 people come.  There is an older sister in the branch here that is a widow.  She has the reputation of making delicious punch for all the branch activities.  She lived up to her reputation.  The punch was icy and delicious, everyone loved it.  We had an in-active family come, a couple and their little girl.  I visit teach her and have been trying to get them to come back, so hopefully this is a start.  We had a good program and everyone helped clean up.  It was amazing how fast the clean up was.  The room we had it in is also the chapel so after putting up the tables and chairs and vacuuming, we sat up the cushioned chairs for the chapel.  I made the Rudolph bags for the youth and they were excited about those.  Hope this was a good start to having some fun activities in the branch.

Eating good food and mingling.

President Garrett enjoying the Christmas Party.

Christmas treats for the children with apple, orange and candy.

Great Mary and Joseph.

Brother Nestman read from Luke 2.  Jordan and Samantha doing an excellent job portraying Mary and Joseph and Baby Jesus. Mary looking so much the part and a caring Joseph.

Enjoying good food at the Christmas Party.

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