Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas is Coming

We thought that since we are up here by ourselves that we wouldn't put up any Christmas decorations.  We have been doing lots of cleaning and organizing in this building.  This is a three story building and has three different offices in it that are rented out.  It has a Family History Center in the basement, a small cultural hall, a storeroom and one of the rented offices.  The middle floor, where we live, has our apartment, the Relief Society Room and two rental offices.  The top floor has the Chapel with a small meeting area in back and a kitchen.  It is also where the branch presidents office is, the library, Primary room and Young Women's Room plus a small Young Men's classroom and a nursery.  Right now we don't have a nursery because there are no babies.  The reason we have such a big building is there used to be two gold mines here and there were several members working there.  At one time there were over 100 members in this branch.  The mines closed about 12 years ago and so the branch has been getting smaller and smaller.  Anyway there needed to be a lot of de-cluttering and so we decided to tackle it.  Anyway, back to the Christmas decorations.  While cleaning out the Relief Society closets I found a 6 ft. Christmas tree, lights, ornaments and other decorations.  There was also a 3 ft. pre-lit tree in the apartment.  So, decided to decorate since we have been having lots of company for dinner etc. Plus the Stake Patriarch and his wife would be coming for four days.  So thought we would share our Christmas apartment with you.  If you have ever been to our home you will recognize that it didn't take me nearly as long to decorate here!!
Was wondering what I would use for a tree skirt...found some batting in the relief society closet.

We put the small Christmas tree on our extra desk and I found poinsettias and a basket to put them in for a center piece to put on the table.

A sister in the branch made this wreath for us.

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