Friday, December 21, 2012

A Short Friendship

We met Sister Lou Hall the first Sunday that we were here in the Yellowknife Branch.  She invited us  over for dinner as her husband was working out of town.  She even came and picked us up and toured us around Yellowknife.  Her husband had his feelings hurt and has not been active.  They lived here twelve years ago when the branch was a pretty good size.  They just moved back about a year ago.  They have a home in the Edmonton area and were living in an apartment here.  The person they rented the apartment sold them her furniture so they didn't move anything here.  He was offered a buy-out from his company so they took it and are moving back home.

Ray and Lou Hall
 We spent some time with them.  We had them over for dinner a couple of times and they had us for dinner a couple of times.  Elder Garrett and Ray also went to a hockey game together.  He is 62 and has played hockey his whole life.  He had a knee replacement and still plays hockey!  I heard he is pretty good.  They took us out to dinner at one of the oldest restaurants here.  We had the most delicious fish we have ever had.  The atmosphere was to die for!  It was in the little old original shack.

They gave us lots of the furniture that they were not taking.  We were happy to get it and some of it we put in the basement for the missionaries when they get here in the spring.

New couch from Ray and Lou Hall. 
You remember the old, old one that Elder Garrett repaired because 5 springs were broken.  This one is much more comfortable and is a hide-a-bed.  So come see us!!  We have a place for you to sleep!!

Freezer from the Halls. This is also called a lifesaver.  When I would go to the grocery store I would have to remember that I had hardly any freezer space.  Of course I was used to a big freezer back home so that was hard and I was always shuffling and trying to fit things in.  What a relief!!!

This microwave is from the Halls.  It is not new but much newer than the one we had.  The old one didn't even have a timer on it.  You had to guess how long to leave your food in there.  In fact, it was so old I have never even seen one like it!!  We will save the old one for the missionaries when they come!  Suppose to be getting two sets in the spring.

Sis. Hall thought we just had to have presents under our tree!  So the last night they were here we had them over for dinner and she came with gifts!  We are not allowed to open them until Christmas!!!
Ray and  Lou Hall bringing Christmas gifts.

 She is one awesome lady and helped tremendously with getting a visiting teaching program started here.  We will miss them but are happy that they will be able to be back with their family!

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