Friday, November 9, 2012

"P" Day Activities

We have been amazed at the huge produce section in the grocery store.  Have you ever seen a persimmon in our grocery store? There is a big display of them here and all sorts of different produce.

 Anyway we noticed strawberries our first trip to the store and was surprised.  They have the produce 50% off I guess when it starts to get outdated.  We noticed strawberries on sale.  We have missed our strawberry freezer jam.  Elder Garrett loves English Muffins with strawberry jam.  I make strawberry jam every summer, so we are spoiled.  So we picked out a couple of boxes and decided to see if we could find Pectin.  We did find that but they did not have jars so we decided to improvise.
Strawberries and Pectin

I did not have a blender here so I mashed the berries with a potato masher.  Only four ingredients, strawberries, sugar, water and pectin.

 I had some small glasses so decided to use them.  The first box of berries were perfect and the second one only had two bad berries in it.  I made some delicious strawberry jam and now we will feel right at home this winter!!  It is some of the most delicious jam I have ever made!!!  Hey, Courtney there is probably some still in my freezer at home!!!!

I put the jam in my small glasses and put Saran Wrap and then some foil for the lid.  The next week we found discounted strawberries again so I sliced and sugared some and put them in small containers for the freezer.  I have a couple of recipes that I use strawberries in plus they are delicious thawed on vanilla ice cream.  Also one of Elder Garrett's favorites----and Carly's and Jenna's and Georgia's!!!!!!
In other news, Mr Fixit is at it again.

The springs were broken on the couch so he repaired it.

The rollers were clogged up on the chairs, he fixed them.

He repaired about 35 Hymn Books.  Some of the backs were off and coming apart.
The paper shredder didn't work.  He repaired it.  It works now!!!

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